Easy to Earn Money with Amanda Hair's TikTok Shop

Why to join Amanda Hair Partner Program?
TikTok Shop allows creators like you to showcase your favorite products. When you join, you will be able to share shoppable videos with viewers and earn commissions with TikTok Shop. For example, if the sales amount is $100, at 10% commission rate, then you will earn $10. More sales, more earnings!
Who can join?
To be eligible for promoting products and earning commissions from merchants,you need to meet the following criteria:
1. A tiktok account registered in the United States
2. 5000+  followers
3. 18+years old
What do you need to do?
a. Create a commission account (Open Your Own Tiktok Shop)
b. Add products to showcase 
c. Link products to your short videos
d. Start generating Sales